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As President of BankChampaign, not only does Mark Ballard stay current on industry trends and best practices, but he shares his financial expertise on his informational investment blog featured on BankChampaign’s website. Ballard has been with BankChampaign since 1991. Spanning topics such as stock market standings, investment metrics, inflation trends, portfolio management, company investment analysis, …

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Energy Supply/Demand Imbalance Will Drive Macro Investing Trends

Introduction If you read my recent “2023 Investment Focus” blog post, you will see that I noted several focus areas for investing during 2023, and the energy supply/demand imbalance plays prominently in that list. I thought adding a bit more color to the concept for you might be interesting, so below I’ll give you some …

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2022 In Review

THE MARKETS We all lived through 2022 and it was an ugly year in the markets. Both stock and bond indexes were down in double digits and most of the investment world suffered severe losses for their clients. Here at BankChampaign, our clients faired much better than the markets overall, but we will discuss more …

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