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Mark's Investment Blog

This blog is intended to keep clients and friends current on my investment management activities. In no way is this intended to be investment advice that anyone reading this blog should act upon in their personal investment accounts. There are other significant factors involved in my investment management activities that may not be written about in this blog that are equally as important as the things that are written about that materially impact investment results. Neither is this blog to be construed in any way to be an offer to buy or sell securities. To be notified via e-mail when new posts are made, CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE

Mark’s Investment Blog

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As President of BankChampaign, not only does Mark Ballard stay current on industry trends and best practices, but he shares his financial expertise on his informational investment blog featured on BankChampaign’s website. Ballard has been with BankChampaign since 1991.

Spanning topics such as stock market standings, investment metrics, inflation trends, portfolio management, company investment analysis, technical analysis, investment strategy, and trust administration, Mark’s unique perspective makes for an informative and enriching read. If you’re interested or need direction in navigating the market, never miss a blog by subscribing to Mark’s Investment Blog Email Subscription – BankChampaign. 

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