Mark's Investment Blog

Mid-Year Investment Market Update

Introduction The mid-year financial market update is a crucial tool for investors and financial professionals to reassess their strategies and make informed decisions in

Mark’s Investment Blog

As President of BankChampaign, not only does Mark Ballard stay current on industry trends and best practices, but he shares his financial expertise on

BankChampaign Blog

Equipment and Commercial Vehicle Loans

Imagine a construction company without bulldozers or a restaurant without industrial-grade kitchen appliances. In today’s competitive environment, having the right equipment for your business

Navigating Business Acquisition Loans

Business acquisition loans play a pivotal role in promoting entrepreneurial growth and expansion as they empower both experienced business owners and ambitious entrepreneurs to

Trustee Services Made Simple

BankChampaign’s skilled local advisors can assist you with business retirement plans. BankChampaign can serve as a Directed Trustee for various retirement plans, including Defined

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