IRA Rollovers & Transfers

Make a smooth transition into retirement. If you are entitled to a lump sum distribution from a company retirement plan, you are counseled on tax and investment options. When a lump sum is to be rolled over into an IRA, we will:

  • arrange for the direct transfer of assets to avoid withholding taxes and penalties
  • help you choose appropriate investments in your self-directed IRA or fully manage a portfolio of investments on your behalf
  • design a schedule of minimum withdrawals from the IRA to avoid potential tax penalties
  • assist you in transferring an existing IRA balance into either a fully managed or self-directed IRA at BankChampaign

Managed IRA's

We can fully manage a portfolio of investments according to a set investment strategy designed to achieve your retirement objectives within your risk tolerance. This can be a portfolio of individual stocks and bonds or a portfolio of mutual funds, whichever best fits your needs.

Self-Directed IRA's

You retain all investment management responsibilities in a self-directed IRA and we act as an agent on your behalf. We hold the stocks, bonds, and mutual funds owned by your IRA, and execute trades at your direction.

Real Estate IRA's

Your IRA is allowed to invest in real estate, whether it be an apartment building, a vacation rental, farmland or other income producing properties. Special rules apply, so if you are interested, please contact us and we can provide you with the guidelines.

Private Equity IRA's

Your IRA is allowed to invest in certain non-marketable securities, whether they be hedge funds, private placement issues, subordinated debentures, promissory notes, or other income producing investments. Special rules apply, so if you are interested, please contact us to discuss this option.

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Investment Products and Services are: Not FDIC Insured | May lose value | No bank guarantee

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