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Retirement may be right around the corner for you, or perhaps it is still years away, but there is no time like the present to start thinking about the future and what financial security looks like for you.

At BankChampaign, we want to make your transition into retirement as smooth as possible. 

If you are eligible for a lump sum distribution from a company retirement plan, we can offer guidance on tax and investment options. If you opt for rolling over the lump sum into an IRA, our services include arranging direct asset transfers to avoid withholding taxes and penalties, helping you select suitable investments for your self-directed IRA, or completely managing your investment portfolio on your behalf. We also help you plan a minimum withdrawal schedule to avoid tax penalties and can facilitate the transfer of an existing IRA balance to a self-directed or fully managed IRA at BankChampaign.

Our Managed IRA service provides comprehensive management of your investment portfolio based on a clearly defined investment strategy that aligns with your retirement goals and risk preferences. We offer the flexibility to create a portfolio of individual stocks and bonds or a portfolio of mutual funds, depending on your specific needs. This service is especially important for your Rollover IRA from a prior employer’s retirement plan.

Our Self-Directed IRA service empowers you with investment management responsibilities while we act as your custodian. We take care of holding the stocks, bonds, and mutual funds owned by your IRA and execute trades based on your directives.  We also provide the only local IRA custodian for private equity and other non-traditional IRA holdings as listed below.

Your IRA provides the option to invest in real estate, including rental properties, vacation homes, farmland, and other properties that generate income. Additionally, certain non-marketable securities such as hedge funds, private placement issues, subordinated debentures, promissory notes, and other income-producing investments are also permissible for your IRA. Special rules and regulations apply, so please contact us to discuss this investment option.

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