Opening an Account at BankChampaign

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We know that convenience is key when choosing a financial institution, and nothing is more convenient than online banking.

At BankChampaign, you can open and manage various accounts both online and in person, and by downloading our mobile app, you can look at transaction history, make one-time bill payments, set up recurring payments, check balances, and deposit checks. 

Our wide range of checking and savings accounts let you compare and decide which works best for your individual needs.  

You can now open these accounts online:

  • Lifetime Free NOW Checking, our most popular checking choice, is exclusive to BankChampaign. It requires no monthly balance, with no monthly fees.  
  • Our Regular Savings account, a classic way to save, has no monthly balance requirement.
  • The higher the balance, the higher the interest rate with our Personal Money Market account.  
  • Certificate of deposit, more commonly known as a CD, is a type of account that pays a guaranteed rate of interest on a deposit for a fixed period of time. 

All you need to open an account is a driver’s license or other government-issued identification, address and birth date, social security number, and other bank account routing and account numbers to fund your new account. 

Open a new account today and be sure to sign up for online banking. Banking is at your fingertips, wherever you are and on any device. 

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