Treasury Services

Online Cash Management

Convenient way to manage your accounts
  • $10/month + per item fees
  • Assign specific levels of access by employee
  • View transactions/history
  • Transfer funds between BankChampaign accounts
  • Issue stop payments
  • Set up ACH transactions
  • Initiate wire transfers
  • Pay bills online
  • Coordinate payroll processing

Electronic Statement Summary

Puts your banking records at your fingertips
  • All statements provided on CD
  • Available monthly or annually

Sweep Account*

Sweep accounts provide an attractive vehicle for investing excess funds. Idle cash is automatically moved daily from your transaction account to an interest-bearing account based on a pre-established target balance.

Core Cash Investments*

Earn premium rates through our trust department using a 7-day variable rate note. Yield is approximately 100 basis points higher than our sweep account.

Remote Deposit*

This convenient service allows businesses to deposit checks electronically rather than making multiple trips to the bank. It also improves security and enhances cash flow, since funds are available more quickly. The system requires a special scanner and an Internet connection, and check image archival and management are available.

Lockbox Services*

Reduce administrative expenses and gain quicker access to your funds receivable using our lockbox services. BankChampaign can handle mail pick-up and processing, deposit funds and provide remittance information based on your specifications.

*Fees vary depending on the product and level of service required.