Trustee Services

In addition to the benefits of investment management, a trust adds an extra dimension. With a trust, you have the opportunity to give instructions about who receives income from the investments and, ultimately, who is to receive the assets at a future date.


The beauty of a trust is that its form is so flexible. A client who begins a revocable living trust, for example, is free to make changes at any time. An irrevocable trust – established either while its creator is alive or by will – is less flexible, but offers major tax-saving opportunities.


When BankChampaign is named to serve as trustee, you have peace of mind knowing that the assets placed in the trust will be professionally managed to achieve maximum return and that financial and estate planning goals will be carried out as directed.

Living Trusts

Living trusts offer financial solutions to meet a wide variety of concerns and needs. A living trust can:
ensure continued professional investment management
allow us to assume financial control in the event of disability
structure gift programs for minors
serve as a foundation for an estate plan that will avoid the expense, delay and publicity of probate proceedings
help reduce (or eliminate) the family’s estate and gift tax burden

Estate Planning

Planning for the distribution of family wealth to future generations requires attention to detail as well as making accommodations for future events.
Our estate planning services are designed to help find trust solutions for the division and management of family wealth within the context of the complicated tax issues that can arise. We can help you set up a trust that provides current income to loved ones and a later bequest to a favored charity, while achieving significant tax benefits.

Estate Settlement Services

The duty of an estate’s executor is to ensure that the directions in a will are carried out and that all necessary steps are taken to settle the estate. The process can be time-consuming and requires detailed knowledge of many areas including accounting, asset appraisal, asset management and tax and probate law.

BankChampaign has served as executor and settled many substantial and complex cases. Our estate administrators have the experience and expertise to ensure that an estate is settled without undue delay, unnecessary financial loss or hardship to beneficiaries.


In addition to serving as executor under a client’s will, we also are available to accept court appointment to serve as executor, as guardian of a minor’s property or as a conservator for an individual’s assets.

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