Checking & Savings

BankChampaign maximizes your business funds with a range of available accounts, all which offer online banking and mobile banking features. Debit cards are available with most checking accounts.

Commercial Checking*

Small Business Checking

Low cost checking for small businesses with limited transactions
Minimum opening deposit of $300
No monthly service charge
300 free items per month (includes deposits, deposited items, debits, ACH)
$0.30/item over 300

Commercial Checking

Essential tool for medium to large businesses with higher levels of activity
Minimum opening deposit of $300
$10/month service charge + transaction fees: $0.15/deposit, $0.10/deposited item, $0.15/debit (includes ACH)
Earnings credit to offset fees = Current NOW account rate
Unlimited checkwriting

Community NOW Checking Current rates

Available for non-profit, religious, educational and fraternal organizations
Minimum opening deposit of $300
No monthly service charge
Unlimited free transactions
No daily balance requirement to earn interest

Merchant Checking

Designed for high volume retail accounts
$15/month service charge + transaction fees: $0.66/deposit, $0.36/deposited item, $0.23/debit (includes ACH)
Earnings credit to offset fees = Current NOW account rate (based on average monthly ledger balance less average uncollected balance and bank’s legal reserve amount)
$1.35/$1,000 currency
$0.35/coin roll
$1.65/$1,000 currency (cash) deposited
FDIC insurance fee = $0.19/$100 average monthly balance
$75 overnight security fee


*Unlawful Internet Gambling Notice - Restricted transactions as defined in Federal Reserve Regulation GG are prohibited from being processed through this account or relationship. Restricted transactions generally include, but are not limited to, those in which credit, electronic funds transfers, checks or drafts are knowingly accepted by gambling businesses in connection with the participation by others in unlawful Internet gambling.

Commercial Savings

Commercial Money Market Current rates

The higher the balance, the higher the rate
Minimum opening deposit of $1,500
Daily balance of $200 or more to earn a tiered rate of interest
Unlimited withdrawals/deposits in person; limited to six transfers/checks/electronic debits per month; checks and electronic debits are $2 each
$10/month service charge if balance falls below $5,000

Commercial Savings Account Current rates

A safe haven for business assets
Minimum opening deposit of $200
All balances earn interest that is compounded quarterly
Nine free withdrawals per quarter; additional withdrawals are $1 each
Limit of 6 transfers/electronic debits per month
$9/quarter service charge if daily balance falls below $200

Certificates of Deposit Current rates

100% FDIC insured
Terms ranging from 3 months to 5 years
Jumbo certificates available
Interest compounded quarterly
Penalties may be enforced for early withdrawals