Treasury Services

Running a business in the modern world is no small task. BankChampaign offers many services to help you efficiently manage your money.

What is Treasury Management?

Treasury management services streamline your financial processes by managing cash flow, investments, payroll and other financial assets. It optimizes your cash flow while also mitigating risk.

*Fees vary depending on the product and level of service required.

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Online Cash Management

Online cash management provides a convenient way to manage your accounts.

  • $10/month + per item fees
  • Assign specific levels of access by employee
  • View transactions/history
  • Transfer funds between BankChampaign accounts
  • Issue stop payment
  • Set up ACH transactions
  • Initiate wire transters
  • Pay bills online
  • Coordinate payroll processing
  • Monthly paper or e-statements

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is a fraud prevention tool that allows you to monitor items posting to your accounts. You upload a file to the Bank which lists all issued check items for your account. The file must include the check number and check amount; it is optional to also include the payee. As items are presented for payment, the system compares each posted item to your issued item list. If any posted item does not match the recorded items, then you can decide to either to pay the item or to return the item. 

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Sweep Account*

Sweep accounts provide an attractive vehicle for investing excess funds. Idle cash is automatically moved daily from your transaction account to an interest-bearing account collateralized by a repurchase agreement based on a pre-established target balance.

Remote Deposit*​

Deposit checks electronically and skip the trip to the bank. The system requires a specific scanner and an internet connection. Check image archival and management are available upon request.

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